DECENTRALIZATION OF POWER IN PAKISTAN Decentralization and it sensions Decentralization means to transfer the responsibilities, resources or authority from central body to local bodies of the country. There are three main dimensions of decentralization i)    Political ii)   Fiscal iii)  Administrative Political decentralization is the transfer of political power …

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Education levels in Pakistan

Education levels

Education levels in Pakistan Primary Education In Pakistan, the training framework received from frontier powers has been portrayed as a standout amongst the most immature on the planet. Scarcely 60% of youngsters complete evaluations 1 to 5 at elementary school, notwithstanding three years of play gathering, nursery and kindergarten pre-school …

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Education Pakistan is on alarming situation

Education pakistan

Education Pakistan is on alarming situation The photo of illiteracy education in Pakistan is inauspicious. Albeit progressive governments have declared different projects to advance education, particularly among ladies, they have been not able make an interpretation of their words without hesitation in view of different political, social and social impediments. …

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Problems in Education system

Education system

Problems in Education system The following are the issues in education system in Pakistan. Instruction Framework depends on  Unequal Lines The Education arrangement of Pakistan depends on unequal lines. Medium of Education is diverse in both, open and private part. This makes a kind of divergence among individuals, partitioning …

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