Get Pokemon Go for Android & iOS Smartphones step by step

Pokemon Go

Get Pokemon Go for Android & iOS Smartphones: A Step by Step Guide

The virtual reality based game has been making waves across the world and the hype consequentially led to the servers crashing given the massive number of user signups that came in since it’s initial release in US, Australia and New Zealand. As per the reception received, the game is a humongous hit. Pokemon Go!!

The company has, however, stopped rolling out the game given the intense demand and load but an iOS and Android version is available for those who can’t wait.


Pokemon Go, brings the little adorable monsters into the real world for the user by featuring local and international locations. The users are required to search the locations near them to find different kinds of the little monsters. The game makes use of the GPS and camera on a device to show a map with Pokemon.

Certain breed of Pokemon can be found and captured at exclusive places only. To capture those, the player will have to make the effort to travel.

Poke Balls, for instance, are essential to capture the Pokemon which can only be found around monuments and museums.

The Pokemons that are water based will only be found around lakes  or the ocean. If you can’t make the trip, just purchase those Poke Balls.



First of all, your phone should be able to:

  1. Accept APK that are from the third party sources to be able to download the version of the game that isn’t limited to a few countries.
  2. Go to your phone Settings,  proceed to Security and then find the option Unknown Sources.
  3. Check the option and then Pokemon Go (APK) that was downloaded will be installed easily. Don’t forget to uncheck the Unknown Sources box afterwards


As an iPhone user, you will need to log into your Apple ID or change your location on iTunes Store to New Zealand, Australia or the U.S. where the virtual reality based game has already been launched.

Better way would be to create a new Apple ID altogether. Follow the simple procedure by logging out of your current ID, create a new one and select None when it prompts you for your payment details, also put in any New Zealand address for billing.

The more tedious task would be to use your current Apple ID. Just log into your account and go to the Settings, then choose  iTunes & Apple Store.
Pokemon Go
Then, tap the top of the page where it says Apple ID and go to View Apple ID.  Choose Country/Region and change it to New Zealand. The payment and billing process is the same as when creating the new account.

Pokemon Go Crosses 50m Downloads in 20 Days

In just 20 days after its launch, the game has already hit the $3.65 billion franchise worth and successfully having over 50m downloads. An outstanding achievement for a mobile based game. So what exactly is this hype that has captivated people?

Pokemon GO integrates your GPS into the game and allows the users to freely roam in order to find new Pokemon and catch them. Funny how the anime catchphrase “Gotta Catch em all!” matches the game mechanics.

Indulged fans find it really fun and are playing this game to its utmost limits. The whole city or let’s say that the whole world is basically your platform to roam around, explore and catch them all!

Pokemon Go Is Coming to Asia

It seems like fans in Asia will not have to wait much longer for the Pokémon craze to hit their cities. The game has already gained a lot of fans and followers when initially released in the Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

The Pokemon Go mobile game is now all set to be released in Asia within the next 24 hours; so hold your horses just a little while longer fans, as the virtual reality game will be here by tomorrow!

The Pokemon Company has advised the Japanese users to “please wait for a while” for the official launch of the app.

Do you wonder how we know that the Pokemon are about to land in Asia; as per the “industry experts,” some of the obvious signs include strengthening of the servers in order to increase the capacity of load so that lesser glitches are reported.

In addition, the iOS App Store is refreshed every Thursday internationally and hence this is the best time for launch.

Pokemon Go: How to Ace at the Game

The Pokemon Go craze has taken over everyone! Every other person has just one name on their tongue, “Pokemon Go” and no one has been able to stop themselves from talking about the game.

For those who want to find out a small trick of how you can increase your chances of leveling up faster with unlimited Lucky Eggs and Incense, here is what you should do.

This trick can be performed on both the iOS and Android platforms. To activate the trick, follow the steps given below:

Step 1- Before you can get unlimited Lucky Eggs, you will need to use them to set yourself in order to gain double XP for the following 30 minutes.

If you want to choose Incense, then you need to move the purple halo around your feet. The Incense attracts Pokemon towards your trainer.

You can even use both.

Step 2- Now, after using either or both of the items, leave the application but do not exit it, let it run in the back.

Open Settings, head to ‘Date and Time’.

If the setting is set on automatic, turn it off.

Set the time back to 30 minutes, but not further behind.

This will allow the time for the Incense and Lucky Eggs to increase from half hour to one hour.

Step 3- Head back to the application, you will see that the time has increased.

Sit back, and enjoy the game, your chances of finding rare and exotic Pokemon have now doubled!

List of Pokestops and Gyms for Pokemon Go in Pakistan

Pokémon Go, the real world adventure video game has not officially released in Pakistan yet, but it has already gripped thousands of players in the country who are concerned about finding Pokestops and Gyms in Pakistan.

Catching Pokemons in the game is real fun, but to battle with your Pokemons you have to visit Gyms and Pokestops, places occasionally from where you can collect eggs and more Poke Balls. Thanks to the Pokemon Go Pakistani players, who have compiled a list of these places in the country which contain Pokestops and Gyms prior to the official release of the game.

It was initiated by a Pakistani player Imdad Khan, who, with the help of other players in the country pooled all the information together to locate all known Gyms and Pokestops on a map.

By far, it has 65 locations in Karachi, 35 in Lahore, 63 in Islamabad /Rawalpindi, 3 in Multan, 3 in Bhera, 3 in Abbotabad and 1 in Rahim Yar Khan. Most of the Pokestops are either situated around mosques or near big open parks as per information collected by these players.

The green points on the map are known as Gyms while the red ones are labeled as Pokestopes. A few locations have also been marked with blue, indicating a ‘Potential Pokestop’.

Following are one of the few Gyms and Pokestops in Karachi:


  • Kokan Park, Karachi
  • Hill Park, Karachi
  • Jamia Masjid Bait-ul-Mukarram, Karachi
  • Mazar e Quaid, Karachi


  • Sultan Masjid, Karachi
  • Zamzama Park, Karachi
  • Kokan Park, Karachi

Pokemon Go has taken the world gamers by storm and in Pakistan where it still has to be released officially; many players are roaming around the city to catch and fight Pokemons.


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