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Enable Single Sign-On in iOS 10.2 on iPhone and iPad

There is a very interesting feature called “Sign Sign-On” in iOS 10.2 and tvOS 10.1. It allows you to access TV content on tvOS as well as iOS apps with utmost convenience. You will need to use your credentials just once and be automatically signed in to all the supported apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

As of now, Single Sign-On feature is limited to only a few TV providers, like Dish, GVTC Communications, Hotwire, and Sling TV. Moreover, apps haven’t yet been updated to support this new feature.

However, if you wish to try it out on your iPhone, let’s cross over to see how it works. (If you want to test it on your Apple TV, check out this post.)

How to Enable Single Sign-On for iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.2

The TV Providers which Support Single Sign-On

  • Dish Network: It is a satellite TV subscription.
  • GVTC Communications: It’s a digital provider in Texas.
  • Hotwire: It’s fiber optic cable TV subscription.
  • Sling TV: It is a digital subscription for cord-cutters.
  • Currently, only Dish Network and Sling TV are available in U.S. Sling is the only service which you can sign up and begin to use right away.
  • This feature is currently available in iOS 10.2 developer and public beta.

1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device.

2. Next, tap on TV Provider.

3. Now, you need to select your TV provider. Then, enter your username and password.

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How to Authorize Apps with Single Sign-On iPhone and iPad

Authorizing apps with Single Sign-On would be quite simple. Since the feature is still in beta and apps don’t support it as yet, let’s wait for it for some time.

How to Turn off Single Sign-On iPhone and iPad

1. Launch Settings app → TV Provider.

2. Now, tap on your account.

3. Finally, tap on Sign Out.

How to Find Apps that Work with your Subscription on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Launch Settings app → TV Provider.

Step #2. Tap on Find More Apps.

Step #3. Now, you will be taken to the App Store. The apps which are compatible with your subscription will be displayed. (As the feature is in beta, it might not work as yet.)




Apple announced “Single Sign-On” at WWDC 2016. It was expected to arrive with the official release of tvOS 10 in September. But now, it’s reported to arrive in December along with the TV app.

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